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In a collaborative effort with the Minnesota DNR, you have been asked to assist in collecting bass creel survey data. Creel surveys provide valuable information such as:

  • Maximum size and mean weights, which are indicators of size structure and exploitation
  • Catch per effort, which are indicators of standing stock and abundance
  • Relationships to lake habitat condition, such as secchi disk, aquatic plants, etc.,
  • Angler effort and success rates, which are indicators of potential exploitation rates

Voluntary creel data, when collected reliably is the most cost efficient assessment technique available to determine the status of bass populations. Statewide coverage that includes data on a wide variety of lakes increases the analytical power for identifying problems associated with habitat and over exploitation.

The overall impact would be that the DNR obtains more timely and consistent information from a valued partner at a minimal cost to effectively manage Minnesota's bass fisheries. In return for the Minnesota Federation's participation, the DNR would provide updates that explain what this information shows and how it is being utilized.